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US-2017166271-A1: Roller system for machine undercarriage patent, US-2015202057-A1: Lower limb prosthesis patent, US-2015241424-A1: Multi-analyte assay patent, US-2016076285-A1: Method and apparatus for installing cutting edges on a v-blade plow patent, US-2016167504-A1: Hybrid system patent, US-2016311418-A1: Braking device for vehicle patent, US-2016200372-A1: Vehicle interior board and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-2016215400-A1: Compositions and methods for inhibiting corrosion in hydrostatic systems patent, US-2016230374-A1: Rinse Down Sink and Disposal System patent, US-2015343676-A1: Method for manufacturing carbon plate-integrated gasket patent, US-2016286286-A1: Remote tower monitoring patent, US-2017087735-A1: Slicing machines, knife assemblies, and methods for slicing products patent, US-2017082902-A1: Display device patent, US-3765877-A: High strength aluminum base alloy patent, US-3470081-A: Electrolytic cell for sharpening the edge of a razor blade patent, US-3577940-A: Incinerator patent, US-3801851-A: Plasma display panel patent, US-3897393-A: Polyimides from bismaleimides and heterocyclic disecondary diamines patent, US-3873480-A: Novel paper coating compositions containing 1,2 epoxide modified free-carboxyl containing co-polymers patent, US-2015304825-A1: Short message sending method, short message service center and gateway patent, US-2016022010-A1: Applicator heads for handheld treatment apparatus for modifying keratinous surfaces patent, US-2016056836-A1: Digital-analog converter and digital-analog conversion device patent, US-2016093648-A1: Silicon photoelectric multiplier with very low optical cross-talk and fast readout patent, US-2016130542-A1: Bioreactor using macroalgae patent, US-2016308569-A1: Adaptable mobile phone case with battery and charger patent, US-2017028650-A1: Three-dimensional object forming apparatus, information process apparatus capable of communicating with three-dimensional object forming apparatus, method of controlling three-dimensional object forming apparatus, method of producing three-dimensional object using three-dimensional object forming apparatus, and three-dimensional object forming system patent, US-2017042181-A1: Ice machine for dispensing flavored ice cubes and methods of making flavored ice cubes patent, US-2017071575-A1: Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and signal processing apparatus patent, US-2017076411-A1: Notary and fingerprinting request system and method for satisfying notary and fingerprinting requests patent, US-2017086476-A1: Flavor-enhancing compounds patent, US-2017100728-A1: Switchable showerhead patent, US-2017112882-A1: Inhibiting or reducing fungal infections patent, US-2017136962-A1: In-vehicle camera control device patent, US-2017164718-A1: Cosmetic applicator patent, US-2017183475-A1: Flame retardant thermally conductive polymer compositions with good flow property and uses thereof patent, US-2017199881-A1: Information terminal, information presentation method for an information terminal, and information presentation program patent, US-2017201407-A1: Apparatus for transmitting broadcast signals, apparatus for receiving broadcast signals, method for transmitting broadcast signals and method for receiving broadcast signals patent, US-2017211561-A1: Variable displacement swash plate type compressor patent, US-2017223913-A1: Aquarium aquaponics system and method patent, US-2017225303-A9: Torque tool for b-nut fitting patent, US-2017245444-A1: Method, arrangement and user interface for presenting data describing forest work unit operation patent, US-2017255471-A1: Processor with content addressable memory (cam) and monitor component patent, US-2017256360-A1: Film capacitor patent, US-2017273610-A1: Wearable electrochemical sensor and method patent, US-2017283367-A1: Novel lipids and lipid nanoparticle formulations for delivery of nucleic acids patent, US-2017353737-A1: Method and Apparatus of Boundary Padding for VR Video Processing patent, US-2017361556-A1: Apparatus for forming an elastomeric strip with rotatable nozzle applicator patent, US-2017364051-A1: Building energy management system and method patent, US-2018017478-A1: Method and apparatus for the analysis of materials patent, US-2018026688-A1: Mimo rank reduction to improve downlink throughput patent, US-3752693-A: Process for treating metallic base material patent, US-2015328633-A1: Nucleic acid amplification disk apparatus using temperature sensitive polymer synthesis and the analysis method using the same patent, US-2016067273-A1: Compositions and methods for preparation of synthetic alpha-gal nanoparticles and for their clinical use patent, US-2016133534-A1: Silicon package for embedded semiconductor chip and power converter patent, US-2016252517-A1: Biomolecular interaction detection devices and methods patent, US-2016291412-A1: Cured film formation composition, orientation material, and retardation material patent, US-2017219594-A1: Screening method patent, US-2016020065-A1: Tem sample mounting geometry patent, US-2016021164-A1: Live media stream validation patent, US-2016182683-A1: Dynamic server/client transition for networked devices patent, US-2015338172-A1: Energy Recovery System and Method and Polymerization Plant with Such a Recovery System patent, US-2016056978-A1: Systems and methods to switch radio frequency signals for greater isolation patent, US-2016099206-A1: Wafer level packaging of electronic device patent, US-2016194287-A1: Compositions and methods for the treatment of inflammation and pain patent, US-2016236285-A1: Coring Apparatus for Rubber Stator patent, US-2016256543-A1: Immunopotentiator patent, US-2017110442-A1: Semiconductor device patent, US-2017145850-A1: Waste heat recovery system for a power source patent, US-2015319490-A1: Methods and apparatus to measure exposure to streaming media patent, US-2016341425-A1: Fire starter patent, US-2016251895-A1: Daylighting sheet, daylighting panel and roll-up daylighting screen patent, US-2017273400-A1: Heelless athletic shoe patent, US-2016030783-A1: Facility for producing and treating smoke patent, US-2017111725-A1: Enhanced Biometric Control Systems for Detection of Emergency Events System and Method patent, US-2015368787-A1: Laminated coating film having superior wear resistance patent, US-2016140061-A1: Managing buffered communication between cores patent, US-3817416-A: Safety closure cap for containers patent, US-2015247206-A1: Compositions and Methods for Therapy and Diagnosis of Cancer and Cancer Metastasis patent, US-2016172107-A1: Dielectric ceramic composition, dielectric material and multilayer ceramic capacitor including the same patent, US-2016256706-A1: Wearable Apparatus for Low Level Light Therapy Employing Semiconductor Light Sources patent, US-2016289971-A1: Coating composition and system for renewal of asphalt shingle roofs and method of application thereof patent, US-2016354395-A1: Infant formulas containing a 2-fucosylated oligosaccharide for treatment or prevention of influenza infection patent, US-2016376043-A1: Method for producing collections of printed products, and device for carrying out said method patent, US-2017101101-A1: Control method of dual clutch transmission for hybrid electric vehicle and control system for the same patent, US-2017151537-A1: Mixing of Fluids patent, US-2017213259-A1: Distributed data processing system for authenticating and disseminating user-submitted data over a wide area network patent, US-2017240011-A1: Universal Hitch System patent, US-2017242281-A1: Method for Determining the Characteristics of a System for Generating a Spatial Light Modulation in Phase and Amplitude at High Refresh Rate patent, US-2017261181-A1: Materials and optical components for color filtering in a lighting apparatus patent, US-2017316761-A1: Display system and display method patent, US-2017320937-A1: Anti-influenza b virus hemagglutinin antibodies and methods of use patent, US-2017325194-A1: Paging for longer paging cycles patent, US-2017329445-A1: Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and information processing system patent, US-2017336597-A1: Electronic device and method of controlling same patent, US-2017349548-A1: P21-activated kinase inhibitor patent, US-2017352159-A1: Distributed processing for producing three-dimensional reconstructions patent, US-2017352435-A1: Tabletop reactor patent, US-2018018063-A1: Graphical user interface and system for viewing landing page content patent, US-3817913-A: Difficultly-inflammable acrylic compositions patent, US-2016194907-A1: Lock section structure patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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